Start to Finish Bundle: Thought Leadership, Case Studies, and White Papers by B2B Writing Institute

Remember how you learned about white papers, thought leadership articles, and case studies in elementary school... and grew up hearing your grown ups talk about the editorial process?

Oh wait, that happened for absolutely no one.

Very few writers grow up understanding their talents can be applied to an exciting career in business. 

That's something B2BWI wants to change by sharing real, behind-the-scenes experiences of writing B2B marketing content formats like white papers, case studies, and thought leadership articles. 

Introducing the Start-to-Finish Sessions...

In these fast-paced 60 minute presentations, B2B Writing Institute Founder Sarah Greesonbach gives a comprehensive walk-through of the three most common B2B writing formats.

If you’re a brand new writer, the Start-to-Finish sessions will help you get comfortable with what the process looks like as you take on clients.

After watching these presentations, you'll walk away knowing: 

  • How to put the mystery of B2B writing formats to rest
  • The art and science of writing different types of B2B content
  • What to expect during a project (so you can build your confidence working with clients)
  • Insights into why a client would pay you four-figures for one assignment
  • What the process of writing this piece looks like from start-to-finish
  • Which content format you might want to specialize in

This is based on everything Sarah has learned as a full-time freelance B2B writer since 2013, so you can skip the trial and error of having to figure things out on your own.
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What's included?

B2B Writing Start to Finish: Case Studies

B2B Writing Start to Finish: Thought Leadership

B2B Writing Start to Finish: White Papers

Start to Finish Bundle: Thought Leadership, Case Studies, and White Papers

When you order today, you're receiving:

  • Thought leadership articles (Pre-recorded and available immediately)
  • Case studies (Pre-recorded and available immediately)
  • White papers (LIVE this Friday at 12PM EST)

Interested in just ordering one webinar? Find individual product listings here: 

Sarah Greesonbach, B2BWI Founder

The instructor for this course is Sarah Greesonbach, founder of the B2B Writing Institute. Sarah holds a Masters in Arts in Teaching and BA in English from James Madison University, and has operated a successful B2B freelance writing business since 2013, writing for brands like Adobe, Oracle, Stanford University, Rosetta Stone, and more.


What is B2BWI's refund policy?

Once you sign up, you have full access to all of the content. Because of that, we cannot offer any refunds for this product. 

If you have any questions about whether or not this product is a good choice for you, please reach out to hello at

What am I buying?

On this landing page, you are purchasing lifetime access to the Start to Finish Sessions, three sessions walking through B2B writing through leadership article, case study, and white paper projects.

A B2BWI membership is not yet available, but when it becomes available you will have time apply your purchase price to your membership cost as a thank-you for investing in B2BWI while we're in development. 

What is the format of this course?

This course is divided into three sections: thought leadership articles, case studies, and white papers. Each section a 60+ minute audio and visual experience, as well as a basic transcript. 

When does this course take place?

This is a self-paced course. When you purchase, you'll have access to all of the course content that's been recorded.