The "Price It, Sell It, Write It" Bundle shows you how to price freelance writing and move up the writing value chain based on real examples.  

These short, practical video sessions help you...

✔️ Move up the pricing ladder of B2B writing

✔️ Understand the process behind the three most popular B2B writing projects  

✔️ Feel CONFIDENT about charging clients 🥳

These proven ideas and insights will lead to real results for you this year:

One person landed her first white paper client...

This practical advice will show you exactly what to do....

And you'll learn so much more than "just" pricing....

This bundle gives you INSTANT access to four valuable B2BWI trainings...

Zero to Paid (Normally $197) is a 1-hour training that walks you through beginner, intermediate, and advanced rates for B2B writing.

See my journey from $59,000 USD to $189,000 USD in freelance writing income.
Let's Find Clients (Normally $97) is a 1-hour training where you can see a proven process for finding and reaching out to B2B writing clients.

Never wonder where your next client's coming from again!
2 Years of $200K (Normally $97) shows you my books for 2020 and 2021 and explains how I billed $200,000+ in writing services as a solo provider.

See what's possible when you understand how to price freelance writing.

Start to Finish Bundle (Normally $197) brings you along the journey of writing a real life white paper, thought leadership article, and case study.

Know exactly what you're getting into when you pitch a B2B writing project.

PLUS! A pricing workshop

In this brand new training, I'll show you the four metrics I use to price writers quickly and give them firm starting place for professional rates. 

We'll also talk about what it's like to price your way into higher rates and the thinking that goes into the $7,000 and $15,000 writing I've charged in 2022 (true story!). 

(Available after January 24, 2022)

... Put $597+ of ACTIONABLE training in your pocket for the low, one-time price of $197!

Finish 2022 with a plan of ACTION — with our guarantee.

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I guarantee you'll step into your next pitch, proposal, or project with noticeably more confidence — and a higher pay rate.

If you don't, just send me a quick email within 30 days and I'll completely refund your enrollment fee.